Imagine snapping articles
instead of writing

On average, it takes about an hour to write down a simple how-to article with screenshots. 
What if you could deliver the same piece of information but in 2 minutes? 

Record articles using our Chrome extension

Taking a photo takes a second, but writing down what is on the photo can take hours or forever. Snaplore lets you capture information in way that is fastest and easiest. Use our screen- and video-recording technology to capture information in a blink of an eye.

Build Structure

Information is knowledge when it’s structured and easily accessible. Snaplore provides an easy-to-use approach to turn a simple recording into a properly structured article with context-related paragraphs, tag, and nesting.


Create articles and share them in no time with a team and the world. Just as with traditional knowledge management tools, all your content is grouped in workspaces and easily accessible to everyone that has been granted access to it.

Customize Branding to Match Your Identity

Take advantage of our customization options and make that sure that your team and customers always feel that it's still all about your company.

Loved by businesses and individuals across the globe

Record, write and share documentation with ease.

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